Stop Climate Denial!

Dear Social Capitalism Supporters,

I appreciate all of your support, comments and critiques over the past few years. It has  been a pleasure getting the chance to engage in constructive discussion with all of you. I would also like to apologize for not posting much over the past year. This has been a side-project for me that began a few years ago, amongst the other demands we all juggle with daily: A full-time job and family.

The issues of socio-economic policies are still of great concern but there is another related issue that I feel is demanding immediate attention from my time and efforts. I am referring to the issues of Climate Change, how it is affecting our world and what we can do about it. Unfortunately, progress to tackle this growing problem has been stifled by a growing number of climate deniers.  People are being persuaded by fossil fuel companies who are spending billions of dollars to help spread an anti-science agenda, perpetuating false science.

One of the things I have done this year is to join The Climate Reality Project. This is an organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore. As part of this organization, I’ve begun giving free talks to various businesses and schools, stressing the need for climate action from all levels of government and society. 2015 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for humanity. We are dangerously adding higher levels of CO2 emissions, causing global air and ocean temperatures to rise. These atmospheric changes are beginning to wreak havoc on societies in the form of severe droughts, floods, rising sea levels and forest fires, which is effecting all of us.

Burst The Bubble Logo

This year I also started an organization called Emerging World Concepts. Our mission is to help promote the need for renewable energies. Our first effort is a campaign titled Burst The Bubble. This is a mass advertising campaign designed to combat the disinformation that is influencing people who live in what has become known as “The Conservative Bubble”. You can check out examples of our ads designed to go up on highway billboards around the country by clicking here.

Of course standing up to the financial and political power of Big Oil and Coal is no easy task and requires the collective effort from people like you. This is why I ask all of you who are concerned to please take a look at our crowd-funding campaign here.  Any financial assistance to help make this campaign a success is much appreciated. But if you are unable to assist financially, you can still play a very helpful role by sharing these sites and campaigns with your friends and family. We also have a Burst The Bubble Facebook page you can visit and LIKE here.

I thank you all for being concerned citizens of our world and helping to make a positive difference for today and future generations.