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JOSS-STONE-MONLawrence F. Mignogna

Lawrence Mignogna is a separated father of one, coming from a very modest background and family in New York. He does not possess an advanced degree in anything, having left college after 3 years when offered a job to tour with the Dixie Chicks when they first started out. Lawrence was going to Middle Tennessee State University for Recording Arts and Communications, while working as a live sound engineer and concert promoter in college. Upon being offered his first “real” gig with the Dixie Chicks, he decided to leave college and his bachelor’s degree in exchange for a degree in life.

Working as a live concert sound engineer for the past 15 years, Lawrence has traveled extensively to over 250 cities in over 60 countries around the world. Most of this travel was due to touring with musical artists such as Alicia Keys, Eagles, Britney Spears and Paul Simon to name a few. He has spent some days eating in makeshift restaurants, made out of sea-containers in the slums of Haiti and South Africa, while other days dinning in the finest restaurants, atop the finest hotels in Tokyo, Dubai and New York.

Throughout his career Lawrence has had the privilege to work with people of all different backgrounds from every culture and walk of life. Part of his job involved loading freight onto airplanes with a bunch of Chinese laborers in Beijing, or working with Alabama prisoners who are sometimes used as labor to help set-up concerts in Mobile. Lawrence has also been involved in numerous high-profile events attended by some of the world’s top dignitaries.

“One day I could have dinner with a Saudi in Egypt, then the next fly to Norman Lear’s private birthday party in Majorca Spain, on his private jet. Other days I may be walking through cow shit at the Texas state fair eating fried Hershey bars, after which I have to get showered-up and be on a plane to NY to work on a performance at an awards dinner for the Clinton Global Initiative (talk about a meeting of the minds).”

Lawrence mainly grew up in Commack, New York on Long Island. Went to high school in Southern Maryland. Lived 8 years in Nashville, TN attending college and the early part of his career. Moved overseas to Malaysia, in Southeast Asia where he lived with his wife and son for 6 years, until recently moving back to Nashville where he now calls home.


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